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The Current Landscape

There is a real situation within the engineering and construction sector whereby the industry lags behind other markets in governance, process and efficiency, transfer of knowledge and essential core principles.

We still work in an industry where old process of manufacturing exist similar to those followed decades ago – site built work process, with minimal automation and low efficiency.
One significant issue is the ‘bespoke’ led attitude towards project delivery where we constantly fail to understand any lessons taken from the previous project, should we focus on how to better our work the yields generated would certainly provide an efficient way of building. To put this into perspective the industry has become a gap of productivity, poor time delivery and failure to achieve budget delivery.

Living in the UK provides a better start than those in the LEDC (less economical developing countries) where projects remain reliant on low skilled labour, less automation (in fact no machines in some circumstances) and poorly maintained equipment. We can therefore comment that the LEDC’s compared to the MEDC’s (more economical developing countries) have assets of a low quality.

About Sustainico

With a background of over 15+ yrs in the construction industry Ian Brook took the decision to focus attention on the lack of efficiency in the construction industry by starting Sustainico Modular Construction with a clear vision to be the UK’s leading off-site construction business.

The modular automated process would be flexible enough to be adapted to other types of building, schools, shopping and hospital sectors which have high operating and maintenance costs, therefore benefiting from the design Sustainico would offer.

Prefabrication has many advantages over the traditional construction method in terms of time, cost, delivery and environmental impact

“I believe there are fundamental issues around lack of optimaisation in the construction site, many red tape processes and an aging workforce stuck within principles that were found in the 3rd industrial revolution. From this there will be a major gap in skill and knowledge transfer if we do not act now to change the way we manufacture and build our cities.” – Ian Brook

Our Project Process

We provide a full turn key solution resulting in managing the design and construction process from start to finish which ensures the project will be completed in a timely manner.

Our professional team will take your requirements to understand the scope of works required. Questions such as how many rooms are required? How high will the structure go – single storey or multiple floors? Where will the building be located?

We take time to discuss these questions with our customers and run through the options in initial meetings so that they can be certain that they have covered all the angles. From there, the plans can be put together and a quotation provided.

We keep out customers up to date throughout the process, using building information modelling (BIM) that allows our customers to see what the finished product will look like before manufacturing begins.

The added advantage of this approach is that the final cost should not differ from the initial quote, helping customers to plan and control their expenditure.

Our groundworks will run alongside the factory build, within 4 – 6 weeks the structure will be ready to be installed. Our lean principle framework results in the whole process taking no more than 3 – 4 months depending on the size of the project.

At Sustainico we have achieved a broad network of experienced leading commercial construction organisations as well as dealing with local authorities and private clients.

We work within all forms of contract from NEC through to JCT as well as working with our clients on bespoke forms using our in house commercial team to ensure all our of our commercial and contractual obligations are managed effectively throughout the project life cycle.

Sustainico is fully insured and carries the appropriate insurances levels with collateral warranties available.

Modular Building concept

Sustainico will accelerate the need for fast building concepts, this is modular builds. As stated previously the modular building process will provide clients with fast efficient building solutions within a short timescale resulting in quality spaces. 


Foundation only onsite works 


Modular materials produced off site 


Customisation during design period 


Low limitations on design vs conventional build 


Green building recognition 


Faster than 100% site-built spaces


Designed for future conveniences 

Design off site

Factory assemble

Site construction

Health & Safety

“There’s no better policy in a society than pursuing a health and safety of its people”

Here at Sustainico we pride ourselves in achieving a zero accident and injury free environment for our staff, contractors, member of the public and our customers. 

Our in house health and safety strategy promotes a combined team goal to ensure we continue to achieve a safe working environment by following a stream lined principle


Getting Management Leadership & Employee Participation


Planning the Safety Management System


Implementing & Operating the Safety Management System


Monitoring, Evaluating, and Correcting the Safety Management System


Management Review of the Safety Management System


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